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Kaikōura Property Valuations

For all of your property valuation needs, we’ve got you covered


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Kaikōura Property Valuations

For all of your property valuation needs, we’ve got you covered


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Why Do I Need a Property Valuation?

Property valuations are often required as an independent, legally recognised assessment of the market value of a property. These are different from current market appraisals provided by real estate agents. The valuation report provides detail about the area, the current market conditions and factors that will influence the value of a property. It will then combine this information with relevant sales and market data, from which will be derived a market value assessment.

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Given the strong increase in property values throughout the country over recent years, a property is almost always the main financial asset that an individual or couple will own. Thus, any transactions involved with that value need to be undertaken with full knowledge of the value of the property and any considerations that may affect the value of it. For this reason getting an up to date, informed and independent market value assessment by a Registered Valuer is crucial for effective decision making, and that is where I can help.

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Why choose us?

Given the pace that transactions can happen in the digital world, locally based services can mean more efficient delivery of professional services, such as valuation, so that delays are minimised.  With no Registered Valuers based in Kaikoura until now, I can provide that service to smooth the transaction process.  Over the twenty years running a valuation practice and business, timely delivery of quality valuation services has and will continue to be a key objective of mine.

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